LitCam is part of the EU network on literacy policy-making and reading promotion

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Starting with an opening conference in Vienna in February 2014 the newly founded network ELINET (European Literacy Policy Network) has taken up its work - with 78 member organisations from 28 countries.
ELINET will develop an action programme including standard quality guidelines in order to demonstrate how to implement good promotion approaches for different age groups (childrend, youth, adults). The pan-European cooperation between ministeries, foundations, nonprofits and other organisations from the area reading and writing promotion is as central for the network's task as the information platform which will be established soon.

LitCam feels honored to be part of this important network. Karin Plötz, director LitCam, will be involved in different activities in this project installed initially for two years. Together with the other member organisations she will cooperate to realise the action programme. | ELINET

European Literacy Conference in Amsterdam

ELINET Amsterdam Posters Homolko The 2016 European Literacy Conference was hosted in Amsterdam from 20 to 22 January 2016. Its main goal was to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution – providing reliable and innovative insights on how to improve literacy in Europe.

LitCam has worked in the ELINET team 5 on fundraising and reading for pleasure. In Amsterdam team 5 presented the fundraising toolkit in various applied workshops. Karin Plötz took part in the workshop "Reading for pleasure in the digital age" and talked about including digital competence in the "Football Meets Culture" projects.


World Literacy Week: Reading events throughout Europe/Initiative for refugees "Books say welcome"

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The European Literacy Policy Network ELINET supports the Literacy Week 2015. Events start on the UNESCO World Literacy Day on the 8th September and go on until the 17th September. ELINET awards the best reading event in the final festival in Brussels on the 17th September where well-known speakers will take part.

LitCam starts a joined initative for refugees with the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and the Frankfurt Book fair at World Literacy Day: "Books say welcome" will establish reading and learning corners in refugee homes among other activities.

"Books say welcome"  I  Literacy Week is online

Website Screenshot 1000 At you will find information about the network, literacy reports and policy recommendations for ELINET member countries, tools and guidance for fundraising and awareness raising, a collection of good practices for enhancing literacy, and much more. This information is available to everyone free of charge, and will prove particularly valuable to ministries and policy makers, educational institutions, non-profit organisations, and individuals with a keen interest on literacy.


Interview in the Frankfurt Book Fair Blog

FBM Blog ELINET EN new Peter Jenkins and Karin Plötz explain in the Frankfurt Book Fair Blog what ELINET is about. Peter Jenkins states: The last OECD assessment of reading internationally shocked European governments and the European Commission, as it showed that Europe was not meeting its literacy targets. One in five 15 year olds, and almost one in five adults, lack the literacy skills required to successfully function in a modern society. The European Commission response was funding for a European Literacy Policy Network. A Europe-wide network can share, assess and promote good practice across the continent, and speak with a voice of authority that can impact on both the awareness of individuals in every country but also on politicians and key stakeholders.

Frankfurt Book Fair Blog

Network conference in Budapest

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From the 20th to the 22nd of April the second general ELINET conference took place. Around 120 literacy experts from 28 european countries met in Budapest, drew the half time balance of the project, pushed the tasks of the working groups forward and got ready to finalise the deliverables.
Our Team 5 (Fundraising/Reading for Pleasure) invited to a presentation on Reading for Pleasure by Dr. Suzanne E. Mol from the VU University Amsterdam with a following workhops on Wednesday morning. In the afternoon we conducted an interactiv workshop on fundraising. 
The photo shows Gerlien van Dalen from Stichting Lezen, the Netherlands, and Peter Jenkins from Booktrust, UK, on the left explaining our work as presented on the posters on the wall to other conference participants.
The conference results will soon be available on the new ELINET webpages.

LitCam in team 5 "Fundraising"

Team 5 Amsterdam 1000 ELINET formed 8 working teams, each concentrating on a specific literacy task. LitCam works in team 5 on the topic fundraising, together with Booktrust, the Dutch Stichting Lezen, Filocalia from Romania and the Swedish Arts Council. The aim is, to collect good examples of fundraising and elaborate case studies which illustrate this work. From this data a guideline for interested organisations will be developped. Team 5 communicates in conference calls, in January 2015, the first team meeting took place in Amsterdam.


Network conference in castle Höchst

Sahlberg nah 1000 Right before the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 the second network conference took place. In the historical castle of Höchst near Frankfurt the closer circle of ELINET met and discussed in workshops and roundtables the work of the network.

On Wednesday, ELINET members visited the Frankfurt Book Fair and took part in the LitCam International Summit. Especially Prof. Pasi Sahlberg who gave an overview of the educational situation in the OECD countries and explained why Korea, Finland, Canada and New Zealand, reach the highest scores, was very well received.

The next big network conference will take place in April 2015 in Budapast. Each team will present its intermediate results and the next steps for the (so far) last promotion period will be fixed.





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