The team consists of our director and four employees. In addition, we are supported by dedicated working students. Our postal address is:

LitCam gemeinnützige Gesellschaft
Braubachstraße 16
60311 Frankfurt
TELEPHONE: +49 69 2102 140
E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who we are

Plötz Karin Alternative klein quer


Karin Plötz,

Karin started the first "Fußball trifft Kultur" project at Frankfurt's Carmelite School in 2007 and has built LitCam as a nonprofit.

t: +49 69 2102 140 




Droß Lotte klein quer

Lotte Droß,

Lotte is the contact person for "Fußball trifft Kultur". She manages the communication with our teachers and trainers, coordinates the FtK meetings and workshops as well as the final tournament.  

t: +49 69 2102 216  



Huber Florian klein quer


Florian Huber,

Florian is responsible for our project "Löwenstark - Fußball trifft Kultur". He also takes care of LitCam's public relations and the evaluation of our projects.

t: +49 69 2102 160  



Mollenhauer Kristin klein quer


Kristin Mollenhauer,

Kristin is the contact person for the "Lesekicker". She is also responsible for everything organizational within LitCam and at the book fair.

t: +49 69 2102 182



Hellwig Niko klein quer


Niko Hellwig,

Niko takes care of all fundraising for our projects and establishes contacts with sponsors. Additionally, he organizes our New Year's reception and takes care of the website.

t: +49 69 2102 175



Lisa Marie Lauter klein

Lisa-Marie Lauter,
Working student

Lisa supports the LitCam team in all activities around "Fußball trifft Kultur", "Löwenstark - Fußball trifft Kultur" and the "Lesekicker".

 t: +49 69 2102 161