Our mission

The tight relationship between social background and edcuational success has been hardened to a circumstance which cannot be accepted by us. Since our foundation, we commit ourselves that all children in Germany do receive equal educational opportunities - regardless of their social or material requirements. Here, we specifically foster children and youth from uneducated or socially vulnerable families in order to empower their self-development.

To strengthen the competencies of children and youth, we especially engage in extracurricular language and reading promotion. Furthermore, we organize events in the framework of sociopolitical and education policy-driven matters with the goal to reach broad public.

Our work considers high standards of professionalism, quality and a strong orientation on our raised goals.

Our drive

Sufficient language and reading competencies are elementary requirements for a succesful integration in society, which is the basis for a responsible and selfdetermined life.

According to current PISA studies, about 15 % of all German pupils cannot fulfill these requirements - especially children from uneducated families. Withih this group, the majority is male and has a migration background. The education report "Bildung in Deutschland 2020" confirms: In Germany, educational success is directly connected with the family´s social situation.

Schools have hardly to deal with challenges of increasingly heterogeneous learning groups. Even though the growing diversity of school classes offers so much enrichments, teachers regularly struggle with doing justice to its manifold tasks. To a great extent, this issue be traced back to insufficiently available resources at school - this is why we are convinced that extracurricular support in language and reading promotion is able to take effect in a compensatory manner. 

Our projekt work

Our work directly targets the identified challenges. As a charitable organization, we undertake projects which foster education equity and integration. Besides our nationwide educational program "Football Meets Culture", we engage in reading promotion with the campaign and award of the "Lese-Kicker", the price for the best Germanspeaking children´s book in the framework of football. In the course of the extensive wave of refugees in 2015, we set up the campaign "Bücher sagen Willkommen" - which emergerd out of a collaboration with the "Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels". Moreover, we annually organize several events at Frankfurt Book Fair as well as all all over Germany with a special focus on sociopolitical subjects.


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